Payroll and HR your way

Answer a few questions, and we'll help you find the perfect payroll and HR solution.

Payroll and HR your way

Answer a few questions.  What are you interested in?

Payroll and HR your way

Answer a few questions.  What are you interested in?

  • Bayview Payroll Services/A Payroll Company For Miami Businesses

    Putting The 'Human' In Human Capital Management

Bayview Payroll HCM

Our human capital management tools can make the hiring process for your Miami business smarter, smoother and more effective with automated recruiting and employee onboarding.  Introducing Bayview Payroll HCM—the newest addition to Bayview Payroll Services.

Optimize your human resources department

Transform HR from tactical to strategic with actionable

information and tools for small and medium South Florida businesses.

Bayview Payroll Services/A Payroll Company For South Florida Businesses

With tools and information that save your HR staff time and optimize their efforts, Bayview Payroll HCM helps you drive the capital in human capital management.

  • Recruiting and candidate management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Talent and performance management
  • Dynamic reporting

Recruit, onboard, and manage top talent

When South Florida companies outgrow their workforce management software, they want a solution that addresses increasing complexities, reduces exposure to compliance-related liabilities, and sets the stage for future needs and growth.  As your South Florida payroll company, we offer a solution that addresses these challenges—while meeting the requirements of the midsized company market.

Employee onboarding

  • Customize workflow management and new hire requests to get new employees set up as accurately and efficiently as possible.
  • Reduce turnover costs by giving new employees access to policy manuals, training videos, and more in one convenient place.
  • Automated, online paperwork helps you get employees set up before their first day. New hire surveys help you find out how their first days are going.

Recruiting and candidate management

  • Focus on finding and hiring the right candidates.
  • Help reduce job-sourcing costs.
  • Simplify recruiting on your company’s website, social networks, and major job boards.

Talent and performance management

  • Built-in reporting keeps tabs on candidate metrics, performance, and legal compliance.
  • Dynamic assessment lists allow you to screen candidates for job-specific competencies.
  • Performance-based hiring uses profiles to create clear expectations, define results, and compare candidates to top-performing employees.