Employer On The Go Online Payroll + Time & Attendance

What happens when you integrate Bayview Payroll's time and attendance with our South Florida payroll solutions? You get efficiently automated time attendance software—whether you use time clock software, sms punch, biometric time clock, or anything in between. You may save an average of 3% of your total labor costs!

Bayview Payroll Services/A Fort Lauderdale Payroll Company

Anywhere access

Our time and attendance tools have a powerful portal that lets you access employee time and attendance on any mobile device.

Bayview Payroll Services/A Broward County Payroll Company

Time-tracking tools

Now you can gain insight into almost every aspect of employee time and attendance data, activity patterns, and anticipated changes.

Feature- rich time management software for complex Miami business needs

When South Florida companies outgrow their workforce management software, they want a solution that addresses increasing complexities, reduces exposure to compliance-related liabilities, and sets the stage for future needs and growth.  As your South Florida payroll company, we offer a solution that addresses these challenges—while meeting the requirements of the midsized company market.

Bayview Payroll Services/A Payroll Company For South Florida Businesses

Attendance software that’s easy to use

  • Manager self-service (MSS)
  • Employee self-service (ESS)
  • Timesheet software with approval workflow
  • Company dashboard
Bayview Payroll Services/A Payroll Company For South Florida Businesses

Time attendance software with added control

  • Time off request tool
  • Accrual tracking and management
  • Notifications module
  • Exception tracking
Bayview Payroll Services/A Payroll Company For South Florida Businesses

Workforce management software with flexibility

  • Virtually unlimited customizable report views
  • Custom analytics
  • Saved report settings
  • Specialized reporting
  • Access control

Customize Your Services with Add-on Products

Manage your candidate recruiting and hiring process—fully integrated with Bayview Payroll Services. Advertise for applicants and track them through a paperless process including background screening, E-verify, and more.
Our time and attendance can integrate with our payroll solutions. It efficiently automates labor processes whether by punch clock, telepunch, biometric scanner, or anything in between. Most importantly you'll save an average of 3% of your total labor costs!
Make it easy for your unbanked employees to get paid with paycards. There are no additional fees, and it works just like direct deposit. If you prefer checks, consider our OMNI account. The checks are drawn on our account, saving you from reconciliation and potential check fraud.
Bayview Payroll Services integrates with the very best pay-as-you-go workers' compensation plan providers. With the pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plan, you make payments based on actual payroll volume. There is no more worrying about painful year-end edits or those huge finance charge surprises. You'll benefit from a no down payment plan that reduces the need for an audit.
In recent years, 53% of employers were subject to employment lawsuits. Learn how to protect your business by accessing HR compliance center tools. Get help from a certified HR professional on issues such as hiring, terminations, harassment, and more. HR pros can also create your employee handbook. This is our most popular product recommended by 98% of current users!
In a secure, online, HR data system, have your employee demographic, salary reviews, appraisals, benefits, and more securely stored.
Bayview Payroll Services provides a QuickBooks interface and expanded GL export capability. You or your accountant now have a convenient online capability to post payroll data. Save time, reduce errors, and have more flexibility with the general ledger interface.
From low-cost startup plans to funding of existing plans, we are here to help. Unlike our national competitors, we will work with your provider to ensure a seamless flow of information from your payroll to your retirement fund.
When it comes to providing your employees with medical coverage, you need to save where you can. With our Med 125 administration you and your employees will benefit from tax savings. Furthermore, we're happy to help with special reporting to meet your ACA planning.
Full-service accounting serving clients throughout the area, dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.
Process transactions of all credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express via wholesale rates. With products and services on multiple platforms and providers, allowing us to help more merchants accept credit cards affordably.
With Bayview Payroll Services, employees can access their pay stubs and W-2s directly so that they do not have to rely on you. They can also see and edit their own demographic and benefit data, as well as enroll in benefits.

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